What I like doing
Director of Professional Development
  • Elected to the post of executive officer in the Data Science Club at Indiana University in Jan 2018.
  • Responsibilities include:
  • - Propose objectives and initiatives that help prepare DS students for success in professional roles
  • - Coordinates career and leadership development events and initiatives; facilitates events and manages relationship with SICE career services and potential employers
  • - Help organize hackathons and data challenges.
  • - Point of contact for Professionals, alumni and extra-university organizations
  • - Advertise and help organize trips to conferences and data science oriented seminars.

  • Notable Milestones:
  • - Organized the Opiod Data Wrangling Challenge with SPEA for the Data Science Department in Spring 2018.
  • - Organizing trip to the INDY Big Data Challenge in Indianapolis on Sep 26
  • - Co-ordinated with ODSC 2018 to get discounts for the Data Science students at IU, organizing the trip to attend ODSC 2018 in San Francisco between 1-3 Nov 2018
  • - Co-ordinated with administration staff to organize a trip for international students to Washingto DC in Fall 2018
  • - Co-ordinated with faculty and DataCamp to get free access to DataCamp for DS students
Active Member of Following:
Computer Science Club at
Active member since Fall 2017, great group to discuss ideas and have some cookies.
Center For Excellence for woman in computing
Active member since Fall 2017, pro stance towards inclusion of women in technical roles
Recently formed for those working in or interested in the latest in Artificial Intelligence.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Club at IU
Recently formed for those working in or interested in the latest in Blockchain.
Avid reader of fiction and non-fiction, but love mythology, and magic.
Love reading these Japanese, Korean and Chinese comics.
Playing FPS RPG like CSGO and MMORPG PUBG is a great way to waste a weekend.
Movies and Youtube
A great movie or a knowledgeable documentary is really worth it.
Latest Tech
Following the latest in technology and trying to implement it is useful and fun.
Outdoor Stuff
Puzzle rooms, nature and long walks good for health and mind.