What my professional life looks like
Work Experience
Aug 2019-Present
Software Development Engineer for ML and Big Data

Location : Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Technologies : Java, Python, web-services, Git Farm, Octane, Postgresql, Oracle Financial Services

  • - Working in the FinTech (Financial Technology) team at Amazon.com. on linguistic projects.
  • - Create web-services.
  • - Automate financial solutions.
  • - Work on tera-bytes of data.
  • - To be added as clarity ensues.

Apr 2017-July 2019
Volunteer Research Assistant

Location : Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.

Technologies : Praat, Stanford Core NLP, Spacy, MS Concept Graph, Dbpedia, OWL, Python, NLTK, MongoDB, Neo4J, Django, Java

  • - Working under Associate Professor Prof. Damir Cavar on linguistic projects.
  • - Create a Gold Standard Corpus for intention extraction via intonation and speech pragmatics.
  • - Extract entities, actions, spatial and temporal details from written sentences.
  • - Find the hypernume of the extracted entities using dbpedia, ms concept graph.
  • - Augment the extracted information and create a graph using the details.

Sep 2017-July 2019
Part-Time Database Developer

Location : Bloomington, Indiana, U.S.A.

Technologies : SQL Server, SSIS, SQL, Python,Git, SSMS, Visual Studio, Spyder, RabbitMQ, Splunk,Postman, Tableau, Denodo

  • - Use Denodo to achieve enterprise level data virtualization.
  • - Developed SQL components for applications and micro-services related to website Data Visualization and API communication.
  • - Designed and implemented a SSIS project to collect data from disparate sources, perform transformations and lookup and load it into a warehouse, with Splunk logs.
  • - Designed and implemented python components to collect data from sources like RabbitMQ, CSV, etc and load to a database.
  • - Analyze and improve database performance.

Jul 2015-Jul 2017
Senior Software Engineer

Location : Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Technologies : SQL Server, SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, VB 6.0, Java, ASP, Batch Scripting, Perfmon, SQL Profiler, TortoiseSVN, JIRA, SSMS, Visual Studio, Python, Postgresql

  • - Analyze statistics and improve database performance issues, resolve bottlenecks.
  • - Analyze and resolve application performance, existing issues.
  • - Design and implement solutions as per new requirements and document the same.
  • - Analyze multiple code branches for merging.
  • - Acting SPOC for inter-team communication
  • - Work with BA to help conert requirements to stories
  • - Maintain coding standards.
  • - Provide training and knowledge transfers for trainees and new-joiners.

Jul 2012-Jul 2015
Software Engineer

Location : Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Technologies : SQL Server, SQL, SSMS, VB 6.0, JIRA, TortoiseSVN, Visual Studio, Postgresql,Crystal Reports

  • - Develop database and application components as per design document.
  • - Provide support for live issues in production and unit, integration and alpha testing.
  • - Deploy code on live environments.