General Information
Data Scientist | Database Designer & Analyst
Shreejith K. Panicker

MS in Data Science from Indiana University Bloomington. Looking for opportunities for research and career in Data Science, data analytics, NLP, Blockchain, Database. Considerable hands on in Python, R, Tableau, Java and SQL and NoSQL Databases.
Interests: Natural Language Processing, Data Visualizations, Distributed Computing, Blockchain, Databases, Machine Learning, Data Analytics.
Have 5 years experience being a full-stack developer, worked in all aspects of software life-cycle (agile and waterfall).
I am a versatile team-player, quick to pickup new things and able to apply them aptly.

  • Knowledge Graphs & Information Extraction - Working with linguist Prof. Damir Cavar, to extract entities from written sentences and create a knowledge graph showing the entities, it's properties and relations to other entities, which will then be used to augment and existing knowledge graph repository.
  • Speech Prosody and Pragmatics - Working with linguist Prof. Damir Cavar, to create a gold standard corpus of speech examples and to use this corpus to extract information from speech prosody like intonations.
  • Analysis of Bitcoin Blockchain - Researched and implemented examples of the Bitcoin blockchain, to showcase it's capabilities and drawbacks
  • Pichu - Implemented a restricted version of chess and tried to maximize winning chance of player we represent by implementing the min-max algorithm to run on the statespaces for each play.
  • Parts of Speech Tagging - Trained a model to showcase the difference between Naive Bayes, and Viterbi Algorithm using POS as a reference.
  • Spooky Author Classification - Trained 3 models based on Naive Bayes, Viterbi Algorithm and CNN on a corpus of 3 authors and then classified test sentences for each to showcase difference and accuracy of all 3 implementations.
  • Tweet Extraction and Sentiment AnalysisExtracted tweets associated with cat, dog and both and analysed the sentiments related to the same.

Awards & Leadership Achievements
Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Sep 2018 - Selected to be on the graduate discussion panel to discuss the issues with applying data science to social science datascience-socialscience
  • Mar 2018 - Actively contributed to organize the "Opiod Data Wrangling Challenge" for the Data Science department in collaboration with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs(SPEA)
  • Jan 2018 - Elected to position of Director of Professional Development in the Data Science Club at Indiana University (DSCIU)

Mastek Ltd, India
  • Aug 2016 - A+ performer of the year Award, recognizing me as the A+ performer for 2015-16.
  • Aug 2016 - Spot Appreciation Award, for exemplary performance for the CZR OD project.
  • Apr 2016 - COE Award, Center of Excellence team appreciation for being a trend tracker, writing maintainable code and for being a passionate coder.
  • Sep 2015 - Spot Appreciation Award, Dedication and commitment towards JCR-2858, working above and beyond expectation for the success of the change, even under challenging deadline.
  • Aug 2015 - Heart of Mastek 4.0 Award, In recognition of achieving excellence in terms of high quality deliverables and exceptional performance resulting in customer wow and team out-performance.
  • Aug 2014 - Onssite to the U.K. to work with the client for an entire year.
  • Jul 2014 - Stephen Hawking Award, In recognition for contributions to the IPF Account(UK) team's success, enabling positive turnaround of the project
  • Jul 2014 - Stellar Award, Recognition for stellar performance in impact analysis for complex functionalities and providing effective solutions for the change requests.
  • May 2014 - Spot Appreciation Award, UK-IPF, contributions for new market entry and Mexico merge release.
  • Sep 2013 - Spot Appreciation Award, In recognition for NME BGR release, showing dedication and efficiency in resolving and impact assessment of defects

intuition & Creativity
Design and Development
Data Science
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